It’s one thing to sell a product and another to use it yourself? I don’t think so. A good product finds its way into the market by a personal need. For this example I use the chalkboard paint that I offer to my customers. I used to have a dry and erase board in my Kitchen to keep track on family tasks and communication with my Manager (Wife). The Board was working but it was hanging to high for our 5 year old boy to reach and practice his early writing. Also our little 11 month old daughter was gonna love the opportunity to “draw” on the wall. So I was looking for a bigger board when I came across two products: Dry&Erase and Chalkboard paint.

Now at first I loved the idea of turning my entire wall into a dry and erase board but at second thought I watched the little ones in our family enjoy colouring and I wanted at least for the kitchen area combine practicality of taken note and scheduling, with the colourful look of chalk. After its application and use I can only recommend the Chalkboard paint for your living space, that is shared by kids and adults. I chose the same colour that we used for our Kitchen Cupboards so it blended in nicely.

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